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Hamilton Blue Stars 0 - 1 Toronto Girls Soccer Association

On Sunday June 14th 2015, Hamilton Blue Stars hosted the end of indoor season event. Here TGSA participated in together with Xiidigaha boys from Toronto. Prior to the soccer games several fun activities were organised for the boys and girls including string-pulling and egg spoon walking, continued with cultural dance (Dhaanto) and life performances.

After the activities Hamilton boys played against Xiidigaha boys and Hamilton girls played against Toronto Girls.

It was a tough game resulted in Hamilton Blue Stars 0 - 1 TGSA on penalties after a 0 - 0 draw.

Furthermore Asli received the Most Valuable Player MVP award and the team won the Hamilton Stars Cup!

Well done Asli and Team TGSA! :)

Thank you Hamilton Blue Star for the hospitality and putting together such a great event!

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