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Awakening Awards

Awakening: Reviving the Spirit of the Somali Youth is an annual conference organized by a group of young Somali professionals and students in Ottawa. This is the first time the conference has been held in Toronto which took place Saturday May 30th at the Sheraton hotel. Hanan Warsame founder of TGSA is one of the award winners who received the Toronto's most Inspiring Somali Award. In recognition of the inspirational and outstanding volunteerism to the Toronto Somali community. I am very humbled to have received this award and to be recognized by people in the community. This award also goes out to habo Nasra Mahamed for her great support time and effort she has put in the organization and Adeer Asindi who helps coaching and teaching these young girls. Thank you Habo Nasra and Adeer Asindi and all the great parents who keep bringing their girls to the program. Without the support of the parents this organization wouldn't have existed!

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