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tgsa's Program

Who are we?


Toronto Girls Soccer Association (TGSA) is passionate about changing the lives of young girls in our community.


TGSA aim is developing girl talent and providing avenues through which the players can showcase their soccer artistry and eventually compete in girl-oriented tournaments. Girls can throughout the year, enjoy and play soccer indoors and out. It provides a great environment for girls to be comfortable and at ease.


Based in Toronto’s West End, TGSA currently trains at the Kipling Collegiate every Tuesday 6:00- 8.00pm and Saturday, 4:00- 6:00pm. The team’s  logo is representative of both the girls Somali and Canadian heritage. 


The organisation believes that girls from Muslim background can actually play without fear as long as their sporting activities do not interfere with the tenets of their faith. With this in mind, the organisation have established a team that plays in a culturally appropriate sport uniform that does not conflict with the Islamic dress code. The girls wear long sleeve pants and shirts for a safe and comfortable playing experience.


The sport is equally important for their fitness and overall health and well-being. The program admits girls ages 5-14. It will preoccupy them with a culturally-appropriate activity in line with their faith.



Hanan Warsame 







girls only

GIrls aged     5-14

Year round indoor & outdoor

FUn activities

Personal development

Call Us: 647-328-8134   /   /  Toronto, CANADA
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